Is this Overtraining?

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6'1" 188 lbs. 10 % body fat 21 years old, training to get bigger for football.

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays
Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Shoulders, Abs, and Calves

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Chest, Back, Abs, and Legs

I do about 4 exercises per body part, about 40 reps on each exercise, mostly supersets, and high intensity, do you guys think this is over training, and possibly stunting my growth, I eat 6 meals a day a lot of clean food, and take an aspirin, caffeine, ephedrine cocktail before I lift to keep intensity high, and body fat down.  

05 Aug 2005 19:31
Is this overtraining to get bigger?


05 Aug 2005 19:54
First, ditch the "cocktail". There are lots of reasons not to use this, especially if you use it more than a week at a time.

Second, you need rest. This is obviously not giving you any.

For football, this routine is all wrong. At 21, you are playing with the big boys, it's time to start training like one. I have a great program for a football player, but, I don't just give it to anyone. Alot of the movements are advanced and it doesn't look like you are ready for it.

Start by learning to bench, squat and deadlift heavy. Get a 3 day workout program that revolves around these 3 movements.  

05 Aug 2005 20:23
40 reps on each 'exercise' , is that 40 per set and if not then how many sets do you do to equal 40 reps?

If you are doing 40 a set then you should know already your not getting any bigger . It sounds like a good way to lose fat and muscle ... 6-15 reps a set.

I did ephedrine for years and I will admit it greatly improved my cardio and ability to lose weight but it also made me a nervous wreck at times and kept me from having a good nights sleep. As I got older I had to give it up because it was giving me high blood pressure . If your taking ephedrine a few times a week then moniter your blood pressure cuz the whole idea is to be as healthy as possible not how low your fat% maybe.... :sleep: ok Im done yakking  

06 Aug 2005 02:28
No, usually 4 sets of 10 reps on each exercise.  

08 Aug 2005 17:22
I don't like that routine not only because you are overtaining but because you have chest back and legs on the same day. Those are 3 of the largest muscle groups that is alot of stress on the body trying to repair all 3 at the same time. just my 2 cents. I could cut back to chest, legs, shoulders, back, bi's, and tri's once a week. Calves and abs you can train more fruquently.  

08 Aug 2005 19:10
I would do have that work. Basic movements.
Mon: chest, delts, tris
Wed: back, bis, abs
Fri: legs

deadlifts and squats I would alternate each week. That will help both lifts without overtraining. Pick a couple exercises and some 1-2 a week altyernating them each week.
example- week 1 - bench and db press- chest
week 2 - incline press and dips- chest
week 3 - repeat week 1 with heavier weights.  

10 Aug 2005 02:48
yo, if your a football player, focus on the core strength builders which lead to tons of strength.....take it from me, as i used to play ball, was a fullback :D

the key points is to focus on the three compound lifts...squats, deadlifts and bench.

What position do you play?  

10 Aug 2005 04:05
I'm a wide reciever.  

10 Aug 2005 21:11

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