Primobolan only cycle for beginner?

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Would an 8 week, 300mg/week Primobolan cycle (no after cycle therapy) be enough for a beginner, or would this be too weak?  

15 Dec 2003 20:30
You would be dissapointed for sure. For a first cycle always use test. In fact test alone is just fine IMO. You will need PCT as well. Although primo is less suppressive then other gear i would also run PCT after a primo only cycle if I ever did one.

Primo is very expensive, often faked, and too mild (unless large doses are taken, which most cant afford)

If 600-1000mg are taken a week the gains can be very impressive. This is just hearsay to me as I cant afford to run primo at that dose. I'll stick to test.  

15 Dec 2003 20:32
Primobolan is fake more than real. If you can get the real thing and can afford it definitely 600 - 1000 mg a week is appropriate. I had decent gains on primobolan I progressed 350 then 400 then 600 then 750 during the peak of my cycle which was 10 weeks. I think may not even have been long enough or high enough mg dosage.
I personally like primo, am planning to hit it again in the future with a higher dose and for 12 weeks to see what I get, also planning on adding test with it next time for an added kick.  

15 Dec 2003 20:34
Always run test in your cycle bro.

Primo is nothing special unless your megadosing, and even then it's very comparable to EQ.

I'd do:
500mgs test
400mgs eq/deca
Kickstart W/
100mgs prop EOD and/or 25mgs dbol ED  

17 Mar 2004 02:17
Glad to see you posting tybolltt... Good advice nonetheless...  

17 Mar 2004 02:19
you're wasting your time and your money. do a test cycle if you only want to use one compound.  

17 Mar 2004 02:59
If you were very prone to acne and could get real primo(which is pretty tough) then 600mg a week or so would give nice bloat free gains, when i was youger and acne prone it certainly would have been my choice with hindsight.

If you dont get/had bad acne, then as said test if only one AAS, and if several a test/Eq/dbol stack is very good. I prefer Eq to deca as deca is very hard for me to recover from  

06 Apr 2004 02:32
I agree real primobolin depot is almost impossible to find. I know one bro of mine that has it and that's cause he makes it himself lol.

Women are much better candidates for Primo then men cause they don't require such high doses per week like men do. Plus the women have the added avantage of very low virilisation happening from Primo as opposed to the other anabolics they may use.

My first choice for a first cycle would be sustanon 250 500 mgs a week does a body good lol. I put over 20lbs on sus250 alone mix in 400 mgs of deca a week and you have a nice growth cycle on a budget. Save the dbol for future cycles when you really need the extra kick start right now your body will respond to anything. just KIS keep it simple.. Inkman  

13 Apr 2004 06:48
i agree with everything said here...

even if u could get real primo, which u prolly cant, it isnt going to give u the results you want..

buy test, save the money, get what u pay for, and spend a hell of alot less...

listen to these guys they know what they're talkin about  

14 Apr 2004 02:08
has anyone ever used test xtreme before and if they have did you have any luck with it  

30 Jun 2004 08:47

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