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How have some of u faired with this?
Im currently takin finabolan(which is tren acetate) but a few of my buds take the finaplix. Is it any more dirty? which is what i heard.(i know it is still tren acetate)

Is there a human grade tren?(besides parabolan) because i know a few guys that have just plain trenbolan acetate, which is from cytex labs i think.

What i really want to know is if there is a big difference, like if 50mg of this tren is equal to 100mg of the finabolan or finaplix.

thnx for any input

p.s.the trenbolan acetate is not parabolan just to clear confusion if any.  

17 Jun 2005 22:45
50mg is 50mg no matter what you have.Fina extracted from pellets may have a little more glue/binders than good ol' pharmacutical grade powders.  

17 Jun 2005 23:10
the only differences in the different types of tren are the esters that are attached to them. Now with that may come beter or worse gains as they react to your specific body.. Some like trenbolone enanthate over tren acetate.. Some like the tren made from finaplix over the powders only in the aspect.. they make it themsleves and can control the outcome.. these days.. who knows whats in any lab's steroids.  

03 Sep 2010 08:50

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