What do you guys think of Legal Steroids?

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i am a new one here and new to working out. but i have been working out for over a month now and havent seen any results yet. plan on taking ripped fuel fat burner to take the fat of. but to gain muscle, i want to start taking supplements that bodybuilders take. right now weight 150 and 14% bodyfat. wanna get to atleast 185 with 6% bodyfat is this possible? how long do you guys think it might take. if i start taking bodybuilding supplements you think i could reach my goal faster? i found a good website that gives info on what to take, its www.juicinjoe.com . is this what i should start with? i appriciate you guys looking. thanks.  

15 Jun 2005 06:38
Fat Bastard
first off, be patient. you can't gain 35lbs lean muscle overnight. if your metobalosim is fast, it might take awhile. ripped fuel is garbage. cardio is still the best for taking the fat off. save your money for lots of quality protein powder and some creatine monohydrate or better yet some creatine eythl ester. and get a good multi-vitamin. the most important and essential thing you can do put on lean muscle is have a good diet heavy in protien. Calorie intake is key. find out what your BMR (Basil Metobolic Rate) is and you can plan your calorie intake from there. This website has some good info i think will help you out. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/issa64.htm  

15 Jun 2005 08:41

Pretty cool site, a little generalized, but all in all a pretty cool site. Thanks for the post.  

15 Jun 2005 20:17
what is your current diet, and workout routine?  

18 Jun 2005 19:41

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