What is needed to bulk?

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If you guys have any diet plans, supplements or any other advice on how to bulk, I would really appriciate it. I weigh about 120 and my matabolizm is so fast that I can't anything. So can somebody help me?


06 Jun 2005 23:29
Master Of Puppets
Good foods
protein: chicken breasts, tuna, cottage cheese, eggs and egg whites, lean cuts of beef

carbs: oats, whole wheat bread, yams, veggies, fruits, brown rice, barley

fats: raw almonds and walnuts, flax, fish oil(from salmon and other fatty fish or from caps), oilve oil, natty pb

Here are some guidlines to follow...

-eat 6+ meals a day, eating a meal every 2-3 hours
-eat at least 1g of protein be pound of body weight
-to get an estimate of how many calories you are going to need to eat to gain weight take your body weight X 20
-avoid processed food

Lift in the 6-8 rep. range when training, and use mostly compound movements. That's all I got...


06 Jun 2005 23:52
When I am lifting should I do as much weight as I can handle for the first two-three sets, then lower the weight and up the reps?

Thanks Master Of Puppets.  

07 Jun 2005 02:29
3-4 sets, 6 to 8 reps. good rules to live by when bulking. Don't get stuck in a rut, though. Change things up, say, every five weeks to consistantly "shock" your muscles into growing.  

07 Jun 2005 02:47
Yo Tom, What you mean by change things up, like instead of doing chest every monday, switch it with something else and do biceps monday?  

07 Jun 2005 02:52
5 weeks of-

Monday- chest, bi's
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- back, tri's, shoulders
Thursday- off
Friday- Leg's, abs
Sat- off
Sun- off

then move on to 5 weeks of

monday- back, tri's
tuesday- Chest, bi's
wednesday- off
thursday- shoulders, forearms, traps
friday- leg's
Sat- off
Sun- off

Also, make sure you are doing Cardio at least 3x weekly at 45-100 minutes making sure you are not doing your cardio routine within 8 hours of your weight training. Don't be afraid of doing Cardio, it's not going to make you smaller unless you are not eating enough. In fact, it will speed up your metabolism and make it easier for you body to convert food into muscle (this is a really simple explanation of the Kreb's Cycle)  

07 Jun 2005 20:02
Thank you sir, you have helped a lot.  

08 Jun 2005 01:11

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