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Does any one know of a sustanon fake that has a circular organon logo produced by the nile co.? It just has sustanon on it and the batch # and exp date.  

19 May 2005 23:55
No source posting. Do it again and you're gone.  

20 May 2005 03:47
Bravo [QUOTE=eric829700]Does any one know of a sustanon fake that has a circular organon logo produced by the nile co.? It just has sustanon on it and the batch # and exp date.[/QUOTE]
I bought some of that crap from the limies from xlresearch. It has green burnt in writing & has hardly any information on it. It has Nile as the company,just nile,no country. If you stand them all up you can see the poor quality ampules and different levels of (two types) clear watery liquid or a pale shade of yellow just as watery. Out of the 40 amps (1ml) I bought I got 2 different batches with half of them with one serial# and the other half with another. Between the two if you line them all up you can see so many defective shapes and levels and marks.!! I never even tried one ! I know when I have been stung ! I seen enough inperfections to not even put that garbage into my glute. I am tired of these maggots ripping everybody off ! The best thing to do to get rid of them is to black ball them and watch for there same or similar names appear again and put the word out again because they will keep coming out of the walls. My dream is to be in my basement with about 20 scammers all hand cuffed and me with a blackjack !!!!!!  

25 Oct 2005 23:22
soulmate- do you have anger management issues?lol- Hook EM  

25 Oct 2005 23:41
One more thing ,make sure your next sustenon has karache,pakistan on it,they come 3 in a blue and white box and have english and the native lanquage on the box and vial . If you line them up you will see the consistant levels and colors of oil and the ampules. You can feel the raised print (yellow). There is no mistaken these. In the future have the store use the boxes that they come in in the packaging. The scammers will not spend money making the box too! Although that has been done before too but not with the middle east sustenon. You did make the best choice in gear. Thats all I use except for some nolveldex and proviron after taking it for 4 weeks. If I have clenbuterol I will take that to through the whole 14 week cycle. Then I break out the clomind and continue the proviron. Believe it or not I had my doctor give me a script for tamoxifen citrate (nolvedex) with 5 refills,he also gave me a proviron and clomid script but that didn't work out because the clomid cost $xxxx or more for 20 tablets and proviron is not sold here in this uptight country of ours. But I did email the scrips to my european store. With a script the shipper can send it legally although the proviron still can be seized if checked. But the script gives the shipper more flexible ways of sending it. Baba

No posting of costs either!!  

25 Oct 2005 23:42
Not talk about prices or giving sources you all need to remove it before you get banned. I'm just looking out. :thumbs:  

25 Oct 2005 23:46
i just bought some sustanon 250 and not sure if it is real or fake either?
Have you got a pic  

08 Nov 2006 06:41
does this help ?  

08 Nov 2006 18:33
i have a 30ml of sustanon 250 with a oval shaped label (red) -no print .does anybody have info on this thanx.  

16 Jun 2008 02:28

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