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should i run my anavar up until my pct even after i stop the test

like week 1-12 test E 750mg week

Anavar weeks 4-15 50mg day Then last day of anavar begin clomid, and nolvadex? since i stoped the test 3 weeks prior. cause anavar has a short half life. :banghead:

Thanx bro's any suggestions.  

05 May 2005 06:41
i wouldnt run var for 11 weeks...shorten it up to 8 weeks...looks good otherwise  

05 May 2005 07:20
alright thanx man, but why couldnt i run the var for a 11 or 12 week cycle, its supposed to be low toxicity right?  

06 May 2005 00:40
still one should not make a habit of running orals longer than 8 weeks IMO....  

06 May 2005 03:35
ok 8 weeks at 60mg then  

07 May 2005 03:01

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