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Nathan Bentley
what would be a good size to start competing, ive never done any shows because i was so unsure about the whole thing, what is a good weight class and what % of bf should a guy have?? for those who know anything about doing shows let me know :thumbs:  

28 Apr 2005 20:11
first off why not try a career in radio so noone has to look at you. lol just kiddin bentley. just cover your face when you do the shows  

28 Apr 2005 20:26
Nathan Bentley
phew that hurts bro but everyone besides skinnykid help me out plz :thumbs:  

28 Apr 2005 20:31
why you got beef bentley. and i dont think there is anyone who can help you with all of your problems mental and otherwise. lol  

28 Apr 2005 20:33
If your gong to do a show do it size will come with time I see way to many guys always saying I am not big enough to compete and as time goes bythey never do..Poor excuse since you won't learn near as much about your body as you do when you compete thus making better offseasons and more growth...Storm  

28 Apr 2005 21:33
I agree with storm... compete learn and then slowly move up on the scale till you find the class you look the best in.  

28 Apr 2005 21:36
Nathan Bentley
thanks guys ill prolly end up doing one when i get back from boot, but could u recommend a good bf% to be at i wanna be low but not to the point were its harmful.  

29 Apr 2005 15:24
about 10-20 percent would be my guess but i could be wrong  

05 May 2005 20:14
Nathan Bentley
aye im thinking for a guy my size 10-13% may be ok but still unsure somone plz give me a recommended bf for a person about 200lbs  

05 May 2005 20:25
Anything over 12% and you will have some work to do to get ready...  

05 May 2005 22:33
Nathan Bentley
ok thanks storm, im going to finish boot b4 i compete but the few drill instructors ive talked to told me im going to loose about 30-50lbs so i should be a lot leaner when i return.  

06 May 2005 20:36
That makes no sense most guys I see who go to boot camp come back skinny and lean..So your telling me your 30-50 lbs bigger then when you went into boot camp?? How much do you weigh?? I hope it is way over 200lbs since your only going to be 160 or so a few weeks after boot camp...See what I mean makes no sense most guys lose weight going to BC then they are able to gain back weight since they don't have to run drills at 5am everyday all day eating military food...FYI  

06 May 2005 21:21
umm storm, he said hes going to boot camp, and his drill seargents are just effing with him. he wont really lose that much. plus, i had a math teacher who was a bber, he said his bf percent was around 5, now, it sounds crazy, but i saw pics and he knew his shit. you just need to know that anything under seven is considered unhealthy, but thats when your not a muscle freak, and health, thats like, if your all scrony and shit.  

16 Jun 2005 14:28
A guy I know at my gym just competed in the coleman and he was atleast 12% 2 weeks out, I agree and disagree with storm.. although he has competed before and I have not, I do think some of those guys I see on stage have no business being up there unless its just for some psycological reason they are trying to overcome. But my opinion is you better be atleast 10% when you start dieting down for a show if you want to stand a chance.  

18 Jun 2005 23:25
When I went to boot camp I lost 25lbs. Water/bf but I lost a lot of weight and muscle and I ate a lot...a lot. I was being fed non-stop and I'm a steady gainer.  

12 Jul 2005 21:26
I wasn't fat either.  

12 Jul 2005 21:41
Bentley I was 220 lbs. at 11% when I started my diet, I did everything naturall and I stepped on stage at 184 pretty shredded. My body holds a lot of water though so you might now drop that low. If you start at about 10% the diet shouldn't get hard til the last 3 or 4 weeks. hope this helps.  

24 Oct 2005 21:51
Team U Baby
The contest is a muscle contest, not a bodyfat test. It usually has to do with most of you fail to realize that you are judged by how well you pose muscle. Which is why you see a guy pumping up and say "I going to beat you on stage", you may have the physique but he know how to outpose you. So you lose to a guy who has a higher percentage of bodyfat, but did his homework and knows how to pose.  

28 Oct 2005 23:59
10-13% for a show? you guys on crack?? you need to be ATLEAST at 5% or lower to look somewhat good. i stay at 9% and theres no way i would go on stage. i still diet down  

29 Oct 2005 23:54
lol i was thinking the same cuts, i dont know htta uch but i do know all the ppl in comps are like less 7 % there skins like so tight it they flex to much itll rip lol  

30 Oct 2005 03:06

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