Best time to take supplements?

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I was just wondering... when is the best time to take supplements that are in tablet form and how many should you take?  

26 Apr 2005 08:25
Which supplements?  

26 Apr 2005 08:27
oops sorry Ultimate Nutrition Whey 2000  

26 Apr 2005 08:55
spread out through the day bro...protein should be ingested at a periodic schedule over the day IMO  

26 Apr 2005 17:17
Paddy, Ultimate Nutrition Whey 2000 tabs are only 2000mg (2grams) per pill! Buy the Protein shakes and save your money. You'll need roughly 25 pills every 2 hours to get 50 grams of Protein from those pills! Buy a Protein powder which usually has 22-27grams of Protein per scoop Much cheaper and you don't have to swallow 25 pills every couple of hours..  

26 Apr 2005 19:46
Alright thanks guys for the help. I'll try them out.  

27 Apr 2005 02:55
If you want cheap Protein try these guys! :thumbs:  

27 Apr 2005 03:27

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