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Nathan Bentley
id like to compete in a few shows but i dont know any poses well i konw them but not sure if im doing them right could somone possibly hook me up with some pics or a good site?

it would be most appreciated :thumbs:  

19 Apr 2005 15:46
best bet would be to download some Mr. Olympia clips and get a grasp on the basic poses, and then practice in front of a mirror  

19 Apr 2005 18:46
There is a site I will have to look for it..  

19 Apr 2005 19:24
Nathan Bentley
ok ill get right on that lol with my 56k connection so may take awhile to get the clips but ill get em, if anyone knows any good sites possibly hook me up thx.  

19 Apr 2005 20:31
check out the video called "perfect posing"  

19 Apr 2005 20:50
Nathan Bentley
Thanks smallguy the video is extremely helpful!!  

20 Apr 2005 16:21

15 Sep 2005 18:17
WTF...Check that site...Are you serious?

I don't think he is trying to lay pipes atleast not the real deal.  

15 Sep 2005 18:37

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