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Nathan Bentley
im hoping soon enough i can get my scanner to work again then ill post a few of my pics on the website so everyone can laugh at me lol jk im not that bad looking :thumbs:  

18 Apr 2005 20:42
No one will flame you bro.Its to be all positive input for you.  

18 Apr 2005 23:27
Dont worry bro noone will flame you and less you flame others who post a pic. Most people dont have the balls to post them.
Doesnt matter what you look like.As long as you can show progress each time you will get nuttin but praise from me.  

19 Apr 2005 00:37
Master Of Puppets
oh, horsefeathers! we won't laugh at you. even if someone does, they'll probably get flamed. just show progress, and you'll be fine. Smile  

19 Apr 2005 03:13
Nathan Bentley
lol thx guys i appriciate all this good karma, but the first thing i gotta do is get that dam scanner working again. :thumbs:  

19 Apr 2005 15:43
prolly tried to take pics in it before and broke it huh. lol (im allowed to make fun of him im related)  

21 Apr 2005 20:14
Nathan Bentley
yes as unfortunate as it is he is my cousin for all of you who dont know, but skinnykid i actually broke it scanning pics of a b-day party lol you were in the picture. i swear to god. I had to scan a bunch of shit for my grandma who was in the hospital  

22 Apr 2005 20:32
no worries, we wont flame ya....  

30 Apr 2005 19:54

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