Whats the deal with Empire Labs?

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I would like to know if anyone has tried Empire labs products? I recently came upon 2 vials of enanthate and i'm leary to mess with it until I hear from someone with some experience with this flavour.

Has anyone used of is using anything from this UG?

Empire Labs
Enanthate 200
10ml total volume

any help or advice would be much appreciated.  

09 Apr 2005 03:24
they're good ot go from what I've read  

09 Apr 2005 04:17
the dose should be 250mg/ml if I recall for most of the injections, was just browsing over they're list ....  

09 Apr 2005 04:36
well, according to the label, these are definately 200mg/ml.  

09 Apr 2005 05:36
Well, as far as i know, Empire is good to go, and there should not be any fakes at all since they are relatively new...  

09 Apr 2005 05:49
ok thanks  

09 Apr 2005 10:17
200 mg/ml pretty nice  

27 Apr 2005 23:19
Ya there good, I have a bunch of there prop  

28 May 2005 06:34
i just got one of there products in the same lable, but can't find their web site. Empirelabs.com is a dildo store lol  

14 Apr 2007 21:10
Its a bunk lab.

Don't waste your time.  

31 Dec 2008 22:23

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