how to increase arms and chest in short time

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Hi to every one .....
Am new 2 this forum
Iam 24yr old and i want to build my chest and arms in short time. Which workouts i should follow and diet...
thanx in advance  

05 Dec 2010 08:20
welcome to bbf. training to gain muscle takes a long time. its not a quick fix or instant results. its takes ahrd work and dedication. if youre new to training you can strt with upper body and lower lower excercises on seperate days. in order to get a big chest and big arms you have to work all the muscle groups. if you only lift one excercise (ie chest) youre not going to get big and you may gain a little but it will be disperportaional.  

06 Dec 2010 01:24
My Bodybuilding Routine
I agree with A.B, it's important to train your full body over targeting the muscles you want to grow the most. If you go about this the wrong way and exercise certain muscles over others you throw off your bodies’ homeostasis and the muscles you neglect will hold you back from accomplishing your fitness goals.  

13 Dec 2010 08:37

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