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First timer here, my 16 year old son wants to start on tren storm (hope I have that right) he plays football and wants to get stronger etc... He is 6'1' 194 lbs now. The guy at Max Nutrition says it's great stuff.Can anyone give me some ideas of safety and personal results? Thanks  

18 Nov 2010 02:56
That guy from Max muscle should be slapped in the face...Why in the hell would you want to put a 16 year old kid on a low dose steroid? I use to make pro hormones I dont recommend anyone under 20 to take them on my site you had to prove you were 18 or older to order...At his age he needs to focus on training and eating the rest will come juts shows laziness to want to take a pro hormone at that age it is juts the wrong thing to do...He will get much further in life and sports if he learns to work hard for his gains.  

03 Dec 2010 00:20

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