Stanazol and diet ?

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Hi there, im 26, 96kg and about 17% body fat. I have been training weights for about 3 yrs. I eat a diet based on a keto scheme with lots of good fats and protein, i get energy from protien and fat at a ratio of about 50/50 and usually comsume arounf 30grams of carbs a day except for 36 hours a week when i carb up on pretty much wateva i want. My strength is good and i put on muscle pretty well, but am really carb sensitive with a very slow metabolism so i find it nearly impossible to hit ketosis and also store fat very easily.

Ive done a little research into stanazol and am thinking about giving it a try, itll b the first gear ive ever used.

My question is what kind of diet plan should i b on to get good results, ie massive fat loss, while maintaing muscle and how long should i do the course for ??

Thanks Smile  

11 Nov 2010 12:57
stupid first ALOT more research and we'd be happy to help you when your are nowhere close to ready at this time  

22 Nov 2010 07:38

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