Fats/Carbs question, driving myself nuts

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Hey guys. Well I was here awhile back but could not join the gym, now everything finally fell into place and I joined. I am slightly confused about my diet however. I am very skinny, 5'11 - 153.5 lbs. I am eating about 5 times a day, getting loads of protein. I am also 17 % body fat so my question is should I be eating foods low in fat so my muscle will come or high in fat so I get some definition along with my muscle? As far as I'm concerned I should be eating low fat, but I just want to make sure. Also I have been eating alot of baked sweet potatoes, but what exactly is the difference between that and a regular potato? Like I know its simple and complex carbs but what does that mean? Thanks alot everyone you will really save me a headache with your knowledge.  

10 Nov 2010 02:31

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