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I'm looking at starting a new workout plan for the fall and winter. I had a few questions for you hardcore folks out there. I'm 32 6'3" and 210 lbs. Most of my weight is right around the spare tire area. I've been doing low weight, high reps plus about 1-2 hours of stair climbing about 3-4 days a week for about 3 months now and I lifted and ran off and on since i was about 22. The problem is i drank lot of alcohol in the past. About 4-5 nights per week.

I'm ready to step it up this time and lay off the booze and really control the diet. I have a few quick questions:

- Would you recommend stair climber or eliptical? Currently i'm burning about 800 calories in 1 hour on the stairs but i'm wondering if i should change it up every once in a while.
- I'm looking at adding some muscle over the winter so should I switch to high weight and low reps?
- I have a pretty steady lifting routine that hasn't changed in a while. What's the best way to switch it up? I based my original routine on the Bill Pearl book
- Is it better to lift in the morning and do cardio in the evening or vice versa?
- Any ideas on how many calories one burns in a full day of snowboarding?

That's all i have for now. thanks in advance!  

02 Nov 2010 16:57
90+ views your thread has had and no responses so I will attempt to answer your questions.

In regards to what type of cardio you should do - any cardio based activity wether that be stairs or eleptical is good as long as yuo lift yuor heart rate enough to get into the fat burning zone. Diet is the key to your loss - what you put into yuor mouth will determine how much you lose- nobody came away form the holocaust being overweight.

To ad muscle then yes you will need to lower your repetitions - try to stick between 6 and 12 reps where the last couple of reps are hard and if not failure - close to failure ie not being able to pound out too much more after yuor last rep. Again lets not forget diet also plays a roll in this. doing the exercise and eating lets say fried chips will not have beneficial results.

3rd query - i'm not familiar with yuor routine or Bill Pearl so I can;t answer.

Better to lift in the morning and cardio evening or vice versa - well people may have a theory on this but the truth is that if their is any benefit in doing it in any order the benefit will be very minimal. I wouldnt worry about that too much. Cardio I try to do 1st thing in the morning and then I try not to eat for a couple of hours so that the body can burn of fat stores for energy however tonight I am doing it at night and after that I won;t eat as the body will burn the fat whilst I sleep - however again no major benefits from doing it in this particular order.

Your 4th question is very specific and has so many variables that it would be next to impossible to answer. For example yuo have the variables of how many hours the erson was snoboarding how hard they were snowboarding break times. Your question is of such that it can;t have a specific answer. What can be said that if you do snowboard all day then yes you will lose weight as any activity you contibutes to that.

I hope this assists and if you were satisfied with the response - then don;t hesitate to ask anything should you have further questions.  

05 Nov 2010 05:07

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