My 1st Post n 1st Cycle... test E & eQ

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Hey guys... So its my 1st cycle put together by a good friend who's a very knowledgable guy when it comes to gear. Off hand I don't know the dosage ill be taking but I just want some opinions. Ill be using Test E stacked with EQ and all the other bells and whistles for hairloss, estrogen. Ect. I don't know my body fat but I'm not skinny. I'm 5'9 about 265 but very solid. Chest is 54in waist is 36in. Legs are extremely Lean. Anyone with a similar body type try this cycle?  

29 Sep 2010 17:41
its a good cycle. IMO 500mg test and 400mg eq for 12 weeks is all you need. whats your bf at? and goals?  

29 Sep 2010 23:24
Bf I'm not sure I have measured yet... I'm gna take my 1st shot tonight. I'm going to measure up everything including bf before I inject. Goals is mainly to get stronger, maintain a perfect diet again melt fat and tighten up. I'm an endomorph sp when I do low carbs and hit cardio with Clen I lose weight rapidlĂ˝. Oddly enough every winter I drop a lot of weigh and summer I gain it all back.  

01 Oct 2010 17:18
i think test 500mg a week is all you really need 1st cycle.more time for eq and others later down the road  

16 Oct 2010 23:11

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