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Hi guys, I'm gathering up info on sus 250 and stana cycle. I'm 24 yrs old 180 cm and about 95 kg solid build. I will mostly doing 1.5 hr cardio and 30min of weights a day throughout cycle. my main goals are not gain any weight but shred up and loose excess bodyfat. I'm going to inject the sus every 4 days for 10 weeks and drink the stana every 2 nd day for 8 weeks. Just wondering what are the best results in dosage and if I should up the dosage around the 4 th week than decend. Also do I need to take anything after cycle to get my natural test back to normal?

will this cycle be good for me?

I have 50 mls of stana and 40 mls of sus

will listen and use all advice given cheers  

27 Sep 2010 19:41

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