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So a little background first. I have been lifting for about 4-5 years. I am an ectomorph and I started out a puny 5"10 140ish in high school. I bulked to about 175 and then cut down to where I have been maintaining for over 2 years now. 5"10, 168, ~11% Bf. I have always been big into sports so my goal was never to be huge. In fact the reason I cut from 175 was that I felt uncomfortably large. . . at least my arms.

I have always been happy with my results. My body looks good but its not like . . . "damn." At least not to me. I train 100% and I lift hard and short because of my bodytype. When I was bulking I probably ate upwards of 4500 cal's a day of clean food. Because I try so hard I see no reason why I shouldn't look even better. To me it seems like because of my bodytype the only option I have is to lift hard and heavy via bulk / cut cycles. I can't "chisel" or fine touch anything like other more mesomorphic people seem to be able to do. I watch videos about guys doing HIIT, blood and tears workout, p90x, etc. and I don't see how that type of stuff can help me at all.

Over the past couple years (maintanance) it feels like nothing I do makes a difference. I have gotten slightly stronger in all areas but really diet changes, radical routine changes, etc seem to do nothing. I used to alternate HIT, regular training, then HIIT but I stopped because it wasn't worth the energy. Lifting traditional heavy splits is all I have been doing lately. I eat about 3200 calories a day. Doesn't really matter if I eat 100% clean (which I have no prob doing) or eat fast food every day . . . my bodyfat doesn't budge.

Sorry if I bored you but please help me take things to the next level. I actually just started taking creatine (today) which I am optimistic will help me break into the next stage but im still looking for tips. I want a balanced body like scott herman from youtube. Obviously I can't look exactly like him but that is the BF / size goal. What should I do? One thing I notice is my chest is weaker and my arms are very strong. I am very strong all around though so im not sure if thats even the problem.

So far what i have been thinking is to bulk and stop training arms altogether. I think they are too big and make me look unbalanced. Ill just stick to the basics (deads, squats, mil press, bench press with a little isolation here and there).

Thanks for your help guys and here is a youtube video of me posing like an idiot Smile.


25 Sep 2010 02:18

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