Nutrient timing

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What have people had the most sucess with in terms of nutrient timing. Carbs in the morning/ post workout only? No carbs until post workout? No carbs at night? .... just looking for what people have had good results with.  

17 Sep 2010 21:37
generally i do load up carbs more so in the frist 6 hours of my day and not at night. that changes though if i have to lift in the evening etc. as far as carbs go yes you do need them before and after, but also just like protein to. you need to fill up those muscle gycogen after a work out  

18 Sep 2010 01:59
I've tried eating a high-fat/protein breakfast which has made me FEEL leaner throughout the day and I have noticed some results limiting carbs to around my workouts. I'm eating <40 g's of sugar a day and about 150g's total in my pre workout,post shake and post workout meal. I've had sucess with it but I cant always follow it which is why I'm looking at other nutrient timings that have worked for people  

18 Sep 2010 02:03

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