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Hey guys jus wanted to take the time to introduce my self and say this is a great forum website that is helpful and educational as well. Im in the progess of starting a long road again but looking forward to seeing my old self again. will be posting pics and stats later down the road but 4 now im, [B]6'3 310 age [/B][B]24[/B]. was a top 5 powerlifter in texas in high school played couple years of college ball at a juco in cali. past 4 years aint been doing shit so back on track and looking forward 2 becoming that TexasPowerHouse again. will update bi weekly on my results.  

13 Sep 2010 04:56
welcome back powerhouse. hope to see you on here. how are the workouts going?  

14 Sep 2010 03:06
welcome to bbf bro  

14 Sep 2010 03:31

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