Where am I at now?

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Can someone estimate my BF please,

I don't know how to do calipers, and my BF scale at gym is saying I'm 25%

I'm trying to get to a certain BF then start my bulk, thanks

I'm 5'5 weighing at 127-129  

05 Sep 2010 03:36
youre not at 25. youre very lean prob about 14. start bulking and eating those calories. eat everything. 5-6 meals a day and start putting on the weight. lift heavy in the gym and get lotso f rest.  

09 Sep 2010 21:46
nowhere near 25  

12 Oct 2010 15:27
dont worry about your bf.get your ass some food,lots of it.hit the weights hard,rest and more eating  

16 Oct 2010 23:09

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