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Hello eveyone just thought id post my new cycle which is as follows:

(Note this is a very basic mass gaining cycle however the dosage is at an intermediate dosage)

Omandren 250 - 1ml/250mg per ml EOD
Deca -durbolin - 2ml/300mg per ml 600mg total every monday
Tamoxifen 1 x 30mg tablet everyday

This is a 10 week cycle

Following with a PCT of 4weeks using clomid

Currently I am at 200lbs with a body fat of around 10-12% I will expect to reach around 220-225lbs with a body fat between 12-14%

I will be follwing this course with a cutting cycle which I will post around the Last week of my pct I will be allowing my body 2 months to refresh my receptor sites after my pct

Any feedback would be apreciated and no silly comments please


02 Sep 2010 15:59
cant remember if yyou have psoted this before but what is your cycle experience? not a bad one. i wouldnt run the clomid ED. what are you using it ED for in a bulking cycle?  

02 Sep 2010 19:51
Sorry I took so long lost this bloody thread ha ha, to answer your question its for my pct jus keep my gains on the cycle is going well ill post some figures soon.  

12 Oct 2010 18:16

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