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Hi guys,

Ok, I have just joined these forums for a little help and advice please Smile

I'm 23years old, and my main problem is I really want to build up my weight and add more mass and bulk out.

I have been about the same weight since 17 and no matter how much I eat I dont seem to be gaining any noticable weight Sad

I am

6ft 2
154 lb
(11 Stone)

I know my height is a factor and I know I should weigh alot more for my height.

I have recently been looking into help in the form of tablets to gain weight, but I am worried if its safe to go into that way of gaining weight and if I will see a difference if I start buying them

I have tried mass weight protien shakes but they didnt seem to work.

These are the tablets I have in mind

Can anyone help or advice me please

Thanks alot

Carl Smile  

02 Sep 2010 02:11

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