PCT Gone! Need some suggestions

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I have a really big problem! I'm coming to the end of my cycle and just found out a few days ago my gf found my pct stash and got rid of it!? Obviously not happy about me and what i was taking but doesn't hav a clue of how much more damage she has now done. I'm on Test P 400mg/wk and Tren 100mg/eod. If i order the stuff now it won't come in on time bc this source takes 4 ever to ship. What can i take to naturally boost my test levels so i don't loose all my gains and would taking epistane for a few weeks at a low dose and then using an otc pct product help my chances of keeping what i worked so hard for? I know i can take tribulus but that's obviously not gonna be enough. I'm F'n pissed but need to take care of this problem immediately!  

01 Sep 2010 04:34

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