pics two weeks in

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this is me i was going to run cyp and winny but decided to just do winny seems to be doing really well what yall think  

16 Aug 2010 02:38
what are your stats bro? age? why you doing just winstrol? also if your into the darkside iwould personally edit the pics to cut out your face and tat... who knows who could recognize you on here  

16 Aug 2010 05:50
im 23 years old... im 511 and 225 lb... im just doin winny cuz ive taken test and different stacks in the past and enjoyed the results just didnt liek the whole post cycle.. had a doctor tell me winny wouldnt mess my hormone levels to much and im just trying to get the ripped looked... i believe im bulky enough in my opinon... dunno may add something else tho .. what would u suggest .. something light on the test side tho ive done sustanon and prop and cyp not looking for that kind of size gain just a little more would be nice  

16 Aug 2010 06:14

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