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So I want the best of both worlds, I want to lose my gut, but at the same time I want to get big. But to lose my gut, im suppost to keep my calories to a minimum and kill myself on cardio, which is kinda the opposite as to how you grow. So I cut my cardio down to 15 mins before each workout, and I am trying to focus more on my muscles. eating lean meats/fruits and whole grains.... as for suppliments, i take a mega men sport, glucosamine sulfate for my joints, purple K creatine, before i leave for the gym. while there i have cytocell in my shaker, then come home pop 2 more purple Ks and 2 scoops of ON egg protein with 2 scoops of glutamine. am i on the right track here?????????  

02 Aug 2010 06:28

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