Im new, need some insight about Test E.

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29 Jul 2010 20:14
well, first off this is something you should have addressed before you started taking anything. usually people do PCT 3-4wks after there last injection of test e. There are many different theories on what to use clomid nolva. If you search the board you should find some help (actual layouts of what people do). If you have nolvadex that alone with a mild cycle that you are running would be fine IMO.

Also to say it's just for your legs is sort of a joke you are going to grow everywhere if you have the proper nutrition, training and rest.  

31 Jul 2010 09:11

31 Jul 2010 19:32
hey bro editted your post. if you want info on that then i would in the private mod section.  

31 Jul 2010 20:45

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