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Ok, I used to be a pro fighter and retired at 29. I was 166 and now 200 all natural. I have a question:

I do a 7-day split: In order--> Chest, Shoulders, Legs (light), Back, Arms, Legs (medium to heavy) and the cycle again. I sleep 9 hrs a day and get my proper nutrition and macros. I am curious because I hate taking days off because the gym is what wakes me up in the morning and I am fresh all day and energetic. Can Leg days serve as a "Day Off" because it gives my upper body rest? Thanks.

5'8", 200Lbs, 11%BF, 200g Protein/day, 200g Carb/day, 3000 Calories/day.  

26 Jul 2010 22:59
day off means day off weights. your body needs the rest, no excercise. now how does your split work, the way i read into it 6 on 1 off?  

27 Jul 2010 02:57
I go 7 days a week. One Muscle a day. Meaning that after I finish 5 days, every week I repeat a muscle twice that week. Example:

Mon: Back
Tue: Chest
Wed: Legs
Thu: Shoulders
Fri: Arms
Sat: Legs
Sun: Back

That means that the muscle that I do twice that week, one is a light day and the other is a heavy day. I use Leg Days as rest for upper body. Remember I rest and eat real good.  

27 Jul 2010 07:13
well if it is working I wouldn't change it. everyone responds differently. Most that would be a little too much. Personally my best gains were when I went 3 on one off hitting each muscle group 2x a week. Most both your routine and my routine would be overtaining. There are exception, but never assume you are the exception. So if it is giving results keep at it, if not drop a leg day and a back day too if you want.  

28 Jul 2010 04:55

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