Hi all, the dreaded please look at my cycle post

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First Hi all I am new to the board and happy to be here.
I am 27 years old 6 ft 230 lbs with and 18-20% BF.
I have done 3 cycles in the past but haven't had anything more than a multi-v for years.
Long and short I have some old gear (stored in light tight no moisture area...a safe).
I used the gear for my last cycle and it was great. This is old RSOC stuff. I am not interested in changing the gear simply looking for opinions on dosage.
Heres what I got-
mixed nandrolone esters 250mg/ml
boldenone propionate 200mg/ml
and the bread and butter mixed test esters 250mg/ml with a spalsh of anastrazole.67mg/ml
oh I also have some clomid 50mg/ml
in all honesty I have only used the clomid 1 time post cycle.
I like eight week cycles and have never run test past 500mg a week.
I try to keep dosages on the lower side to keep side effects to a min.
My goals are good solid gains that I can keep. I won't start a cycle until I get the bf under 15. Please post any questions comments or concerns. thanks in advance for any and all help, I might be a little rusty on the gear talk.  

28 Jun 2010 03:44
if your running deca needs to be min 12 weeks in my opinion, or you can get away with ten. clomid is a must, period  

29 Jun 2010 00:29
I respect you opinion esp. on the clomid but why 10-12 week min when useing deca? Also you what would you suggest for dosages.  

30 Jun 2010 04:47
deca has a long half life and wont be active in your body for 4-5 weeks... if you cu it sohrt at 8 weeks you wont be getting enough of the drug to put it to much use. good'ol cycle of test/deca is a favorite... i love deca, helps with the joints, standard dose, 500mg test. 400mg deca and you'll be happy. good idea to get the bf down before and.  

30 Jun 2010 08:22
start the clomid 2-3 weeks after your last shot and run it min 4 weeks or until you feel you are ready to come off  

30 Jun 2010 08:23
thanks for the advice  

04 Jul 2010 17:46

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