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i am salah, im 18, just graduated yesterday, and im happy. i weigh about 215, my height is 5'9. i am here to lose my weight goal of 60 pounds. im not sure how long that will take. i am hoping i can lose it by november or sometime around there. ok well, i am technically new to lifting because i did lift a lil earlier in hs, but i didn't really not anything, i am also new to the nutrition part, don't really have any experience to make it short :P.
i don't have an access to a gym, i only have two 15lb dumbbells, a 35lb curlbar with four 10lb plates. i am not a really active person, last active thing i did was baseball, but its over now, so im back to where i was. anyways i wanted help in getting in shape (i was always fat btw).
whats a good workout i could do at home to start out?
and i also need help with the nutrition part if possible.


26 Jun 2010 06:11
Personally, I would do a lot of running and other cardio along with weights. Cardio will help burn the fat while the weights will help tone and build your muscles. Of course, you also need to look at your diet and cut the calories.  

22 Nov 2010 18:37
My Bodybuilding Routine

Building muscle is just as important as losing fat, you want to increase lean muscle mass percentage and decrease body fat percentage. To do this you need a well balanced workout routine that consists of muscular endurance exercises, muscular strength exercises, power lifting exercises, and balance training exercises.

You can perform these exercises out of your house, but I would suggest looking into a fitness center or your local gym. The gym will have all the tools necessary to help you achieve your health and fitness related goals.

I was in the same position you are in plus 100 pounds, I started my goal of 80 lbs a year and a half ago. Now I’m at 185 and becoming a personal trainer and also running a website to help people like yourself achieve their fitness goals.  

13 Dec 2010 07:59

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