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hey all just a heads up Im over at:

Good brother basskiller's board, a true long time member of the community, things have dropped off here and thx for still dropping in, I welcome you to come over there. Great people. Ill still be around here cleaning up but come on by.


07 Jun 2010 03:52
Yep good board, Bass is a good guy this place is small and not much activity at all we sped more time with spam then anything else...  

08 Jun 2010 06:22
Yep I'm over there but haven't been on much lately.  

08 Jun 2010 09:11
bump... ya too much spam it killed us... bignready get your ass over there  

14 Jun 2010 00:15
lil bit
so that's where my boys have been hiding! =)  

14 Jun 2010 16:50
you to lil bit get your butt over there Wink  

14 Jun 2010 18:46
lil bit
Yes sir!!  

15 Jun 2010 16:19
bump for munbequita Wink  

15 Jun 2010 21:39
lil bit
mune!!! come out come out where ever you are!!!  

15 Jun 2010 21:49
bump for horns too bro  

18 Jul 2010 07:44

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