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I am doing some research and can not find any stable sources on where to start dosing my subjects. I've heard 2-5 mg per kilogram of bodyweight is correct but am not for sure any help?
Anybody had experience with this peptide?  

27 May 2010 08:26
that is one of the few peptides i dont have much info on... i have a link i have to dig up and show you  

27 May 2010 23:29
I found some extensive research showing 2-5 mg/kg of bodyweight would be the correct dosage. But also heard one guy try 10mg daily with no results, possibly due to the low dosage. But since this pep is so new and very few RC sell it, nobody has logs, no common research published except "hype". But heres a link, if you can get passed the jargon its good. If you have another one please pass it on. More knowledge, more safe.

28 May 2010 20:28
i have gone with what i have tried and what has worked with me ************* and ghrp6  

28 May 2010 22:55

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