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Hello to all, just need some advice on a cycle il be doing 13 days from now. Just after some advice and member thoughts on how things will go from

Week 1-10 - Test Cyp @ 300mg per week
Week 2-10- Winstrol @ 50 mg per day
Week 10-14 Genox 20mg

Im just confused if i should start the winstrol at week 4 and run it for 6 weeks only as i have enough to run it for 8 weeks and decided to start at week 2.

Also is test cyp going to be enough at 300mg's a week with the winstrol

Also this is my first cycle, been training for 3-4years and 21 years of age weighing in at 83.5kgs and about 180cm tall  

18 May 2010 17:39
what are your goals with this cycle?  

19 May 2010 22:31

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