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Hi Folks,

I have dymatize whey protein isolate( elite ) , dymatize Xpand Nitric Oxide reactor( AM/PM perpetual pump) Caplets & Dymatize Super amino 4800 caplets.
Of these i have started taking protein isolate 4 times a day.

Appreciate if any members can share their experiences who have tried Xpand & super amino from dymatize earlier. Is it beneficial , are there any side effects and what differences were seen after it was taken by you & within what time period.
Also how and when these should be taken.

Thanks in advance!h  

16 May 2010 15:14
you wont see any benefits if your not training correctly, diet in check and getting enough rest.. those can help aid you in your workouts and such... protein 4 times a day is good.. immediately post workout, the other best time to take protein is when you immeidatly wake up... other pre workout supplemts before cause al ot of them have caffeine in them, can give you a extra boost. but really all those things can only help if the core of bodybuilding is covered: diet, rest, training.  

17 May 2010 23:57

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