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iv been doing some hard dieting for a year now, eating 3300 calories a day, 440 calories of carbs, and 220 calories of protein per meal, but i was also doing a ton of cardio. im really stating to feel like my muscles are getting flat from all the cardio, so for my next show i want to switch up my nutrion plan. iv never done this before cause i had the trainer at my gym give me an RMR and met test, i ended up loosing to much weight so he bumped my calories up, the reasoing being is i was doing 5-6 days of real intense cardio. so now i want to cut my calories in half and stop doing so much aerobics, im just worn out, and my muscles are just flat. my lean body mass is 140 so i times that by 15 which equaled out to be 2100 cal is this the correct way to find out your accurate calorie count. I want to do the 40% protein, 50% carbs, and 10% fat. now i know that i need to be eating 840 calories of protein (210g) , 1050 calories of carbs(262g), and 230 calories of fat(58g) each day im just confused on how do i add the fat in, do i take it from the carbs, and protein i am eating plus the fat(oils, nuts etc...?) can someone please help me out. and if there are any more suggestions i could really use some help!!! thanks alot  

11 May 2010 03:23

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