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-Hello, my name is Andy and Im from Ca, 19 years old.
I weight in 240 and height of 6'1

-Today is my first day on this forum after I decided, my life needs a change.
I took my first step by signing on to this forums, and plan on hitting the gym, lossing weight and eating right from now on.

-I am really not sure about my nutrition facts, so help would be appreciated, so on like what my diet should be on mostly.

-I really want to have a body like Randy Orton the WWE wrestler. I dont watch much wrestling, but I do really want lean muscle instead of bulky muscle.

-I am trying to lose up to around 170-180 pound ish, and currently.
So this is the type of body I am shooting for in the future

Thank you for reading the post, and I really do hope this forum can help me change my life, thank you once again.  

10 May 2010 09:34
any suggestion on a good diet?  

12 May 2010 04:57

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