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Hey All, would like yoour advice, Im 43 and my sons 17, we have been training together for about 8 months and have seen good gains in both size and strength(not massive but good). We have been doimg 3 days a week on a 2 day split, chest/shoulders/tris, legs/back/bi's, which on average is 1.5 days a week ovver a fortnight. I was talking to one of the bigger guys at the gym the other day and he was saying 3 bodyparts a night were probably too many as your body has to send its blood all over the place in the one night, rather than really concentrate on a couple of muscle groups, he said really hitting 2 would be better. So I was thinking of switching our workout to chest/tris, back/bi's, shoulders/legs and doing an extra set on each part(we currently do 3 exercised 4 sets to failure) or an extra exercise for each part, this would allow us to really concentrate on each muscle group and also cut our gym time (currently about 1hr 40 mins) to about an hour which I have been told is as much as you should do(and I know my son would like). My only problems this. that would mean only training each body part once a week, which I know lots of people do, but before i have even started the routine I dont feel I will be doing enough. I know the only thing to do is try it, and inevitably thats probably what I will do, but I'd hate to be working out and going backwards (especially for him). Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated......Pete  

26 Apr 2010 01:21
start going to the gym more. like 6 days a week with one rest day. it will keep you healthy and him active. the routine im on rite now is kind of like what your doing but its specified for arm growth. so what i do is complete upper body workout the first day and legs the next. i repeat this 6 days out of the week and rest one day. so im getting 3 full upper body workouts and 3 leg and ab workouts. i am only doing this to shock my body and for about 2-3 months. for u however i would strongly reccomend 6 days a week split like this.
1- Chest/ Back
2- Shoulders/ Arms
3- Legs/ Abs
4- Chest/ Back
5- Shoulders/ Arms
6- Legs/ abs
7- Rest
so for your first chest and back workout choose which bodypart you want to work heavy and which one you want to pump up and go high rep. for ex( heavy chest for growth, and high rep back for pump) then on day 4 you switch the order. the same would go for all the other days and on day 7 you will get some much deserved rest. personally i hate rest days, not only do i feel like a slob for not working out but i actually come back weaker when i rest. but thats just me hahah well anyways try it out and see if you like it if not then oh well lol have fun:thumbs:  

29 Apr 2010 03:56

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