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Hi Guys,

I am looking some advice, I am 25 years old, about 5.9height, 14 stone, i have been training for over 2 years.

I have done prohormones and recently used tren bombs gaining 1 stone, although i have experienced lethergy the whole time and it was awful.

I am thinking something less liver toxic this time round and hoping for a bit of energy.

I have managed to get a hold of andropen 275, I am confident the stuff is proper gear maybe a replica of BD but still proper gear all the same.

I was planing on running 1cc of andropen 275 - Every Third day for 10 weeks followed by a PCT of Nolvadex 40mg week 1 + 2 and 20mg in weeks 3 + 4

Problem is that my source cant supply Nolvadex but my friend has advised me of injections called teste that will do the same job (very dubious), sounds like hes on about tetesterone you not agree????....And that would sure as hell not do much for gyno..I may as well just go to JJB online now and order a sports bra now...

After a bit of reading i have found a site called axiolabs which confirms it distributors, I have managed to find one that links to the site. Is this site legit though???? i have read alot of mixed reports.

Thanks in advance for any adivce...

20 Apr 2010 03:54

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