Light weights and protein

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Ok before I get flamed to hell, yes I know about power lifting, I used to lift a modified 5X5 routine etc etc.

Long story short I got hurt, got lazy, got better was still lazy, and gained a ton of weight.

I've lost 50 lbs so far and am happy with my diet/exercise regiment up to this point because simply it's still working haha.

My question is sometimes at night (like tonight) I am bored and have some energy, but my legs are really sore/tired from doing cardio during the day, if I do light weight/high reps (5's/10's/15's) exercises just in my room while say watching nba playoffs do I really need protein after? The last thing I want to do is lose muscle when I'm trying to be calorie burning effective. That said I'm already at my calorie limits for the day usually when I'm in this situation.

So if I should take protein after such a workout, are there any upper body only "cardio" workouts?


18 Apr 2010 04:02

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