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hey guys,

im new to this forum and wanted to say hi and tell my information and ask questions. thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am 19, sophmore in college, 180, 5'9, and male. I got through a nasty breakup and when i was suffering, picked up a weight and starting lifting it (kinda retarted for me to start kinda late cause i actually work at the rec but anyways...)

I read a few magazines and websites and got a lot of great info about supplements, lifting, diets, training, etc, and ordered some stuff online.
When i finally got everything i had this: Lipo-6, Creatine monohydrate, animal pak, ON whey protein, and calcium pills.

I had been working about for a couple weeks daily by now. I believe my goal is to lose the fat i have and gain muscle obviously but my roommate thinks im overdoing it with the combination and thinks im being excessive with the stuff i have. He believed that i should of gone for at least 6 months before really using anything but a multivitamin. Im not sure if hes right or not and i would like to ask some questions and get some answers. But before i do that i also should state my eating and workout routine.

I usually get up around 10 am or so and run to class and i try to make myself a protein shake that consists of 2 scoops of ON whey protein dbl choc, half a scoop of creatine, a banana, spoonful of peanut butter, and big glass of skim milk which i blend for about 30 seconds. and then i go to class while drinking that. o and i take my lipo-6 pill before per instructions. (i just started it today actually)

I come back around 1 and make myself another shake and sometimes fix myself a meal which has lately been grilled chicken and salad w/ no dressing.

i try to drink apple juice and creatine mixed together and then run to another class while sporting another protein shake to drink in class and taking my animal stak multivitamin.

then i get back, make myself another shake or make a meal w/ apple juice and creatine and then lounge around for a couple hours sick of school. (taking my lipo-6 pill.

around 8 or 9 i hit the rec center and run a mile, workout for about 1 1/2 or 2 hours and then finish with abs, then elliptical or stairmaster.

i usually have picked myself up a sub sandwhich which i eat about 15 minutes after the workout with apple juice and creatine. i then go home and lounge around and maybe finish my night with another shake and uually hit the sheets at 2 or 3 am depending on my procrastination/homework.


please note that this is a perfect day for me and i usually have 4 shakes a day and a few creatine/apple juice mixes as well. I also try and toss oranges and some other fruits in as well making it about 2 or 3 servings of fruit a day if possible.

My questions:
1) Am i jumping on the supplements too soon or too much?

2) I know im not getting any fiber and i plan on picking up a box of fiber cereal tonight and was wondeirng if should add more fiber and if so, how or what kind of specific stuff do you have in mind?

3) Am i having the protein shakes too much or are they more of weight gainers or are they ok? Should i consider my shakes a "meal replacement" and not have any food with them? my roommate says they are too much but im sorta following the plan in M & F mag (feb issue i believe) and it doesn't include creatine but does include whey protein.

4) is there any problems or notes of interest i should know with my lipo-6 or is it seem ok?

5) does anyone see any conflictions with my diet or routine? e.g., creatine and trying to be more cut? protein shakes and lipo-6? anything? please state it

6) any problems you see in general or suggestions you have? ANYTHING like other food, other supplements, stop taking them, stop taking this, stop doing that, start doing this, yada yada

7) i realized i haven't been taking in enough water at all and my kidneys are sooner or later gonna pay for it but can i account for all the skim milk i've been downing as a water source?

Cool the instructions for creatine say that you MUST take it within the 10 minutes of mixing it in there. is taht true? the window frame is taht small and if you don't take it within that amount of time, it becomes ineffective?

9) should i lift in the morning too? i am considering it

10) i was taking sleeping pills the past few days, should i worry about anything?

11) i get about anywhere from 5-10 hours of sleep. usaully around 6. your input on it?
12) anything else you can see? anything?

overall i like what im seeing and doing and am happy with it so far but my roommate just has been buggin me about it and i would just like all of your guys input. Thanks a lot!


04 Mar 2005 16:15
Holy shit novel...Will have to get back to you later in the day unless someone else steps up...You'll get the answers you need bro.....Storm  

05 Mar 2005 19:54
OK first why are you taking creatine 4 times a day? All you are doing is pissing away your money.If you really wanna use creatine take it before and after lifting.Thats it. 10g or so before and 10g or so before should be fine for you.
Here i posted this in another thread but I will paste it here also

(first thing in the AM)
2 scoops of your fav whey 1/4-1/2 cups of oats(steelcut) Maybe some honey or natural PB

Meal 2
2 hours later
8-12 oz of lean beef, chicken, turkey fish or tuna fish with a veggie 1-1.5 cups of something green like broccli is great Or some sweet potato's are great choices.

Meal 3
2 hours later
Same as above

Meals 4
ABout 45min t an hour before lifting
Preworkout meal
1 scoop whey with low GI carbs i reccomend oats again 1/4 or so + whatever creatine etc you might take

Meal 5
Right after lifting
Post workout meal
2 scoops of Whey with oats again + whatever creatine etc you might take

Meal 6
and hour after lifting
Sames as meals 2-3.

Meal 7
Before bed
Cottage cheese is a good choice here because of its slow absorbtion[/B]

You are relying way to much on shakes.I know your in school but it doesnt take much to plan your meals ahead a day or 2 or even 3.Make the meals in advance.
You cant lift for 2 hours either. Keep it short no more then an hour.ANd if you are going to do cardio after lifting keep it short also. SHort and high intensity.No more then 15-30 minutes. DOing cardio first thing in the AM is a good idea.SOme say on a empty stomach and others say with a shake before. Kinda depend on your body type. High BF levels can go without while bodys with lower bf levels prolly need the nutrition.
Cutting (losing weight) and taking creatine isnt the best way to go. Creatine make your body hold water.Not great if you wanna see abs and definition.

Lift only once a day if possible do your cardio in the AM and then lift ing the evening.Rest is very improtant you need to get your 7-9 hours a day. You dont grow in the gym you grow outside the gym resting/sleeping.

Drop the creatine drop the Lipo-6 stick with the basics.Whey and a multi vitamin. Get you diet straight and get your routine straight.  

05 Mar 2005 21:11
Hi! I'm Hal.

This time I'm trying to drop off my weight to the date of our wedding's 10-th anniversary.

In TV commercial, acai berries promoted as a weight loss diet. I supposed, that the better thing to do is to read the opinions around the web.
Surfing around a lot of diet sites, I found that the acai berries and it products is a very popular topic of discussions.
Some people says that this really works for him. Others says that no diet can be effective without regular fitness club visiting.
As for me, I want a simple solution, cause I don't have a time for all these fitness clubs.
So I will try with acai or a something like, if the price will be good for me.
Also, there is a lot of acai diets offered in the internet. And prices are very vary.
What do you think about such offers - link?
These guys offers a "risk free trial" and their price seems to be good.

And maybe someone can recommend some concurrent products?  

29 May 2009 16:23
I would stop taking the sleeping pills. Sleeping pills accentuate the GABA neurotransmitter, which make the lungs less effecient.  

03 Jun 2009 05:34

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