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vander loopencciano
hey out there just a quick brief on me have always been an athlete im 41 now and want to start some steroid use i always wanted to use as a young athlete but never did cause of the dangers but now i have nothing to prove and would be more responsible then i would have been back then. my goal is to use properly to build a nice body for my own satisfaction, have my wife and 3 kids so i feel i can move forward with this. any help would be appricated,thanks  

28 Mar 2010 22:49
bro- this is extremely ambiguous. WHat exactly are you asking here?  

29 Mar 2010 17:56
ya what exactly are your goals, stats, training experience and so forth.  

30 Mar 2010 04:43
Make your own thread!  

19 May 2010 16:37

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