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what are the best exercise to have a good looking abs..?
can you also include the best exercise for maintaining a good muscled body..?  

27 Mar 2010 06:47
What you are aksing you need a whole book to respond to. I wil only answer youe question about the abs coz the other one you can;t possibly answer in a reply here - its too detiled and too complex a question to answer.

For the abs - leg raises are great, crunches, medicine ball back and forth with a partner but only crunch them, incline crunches, ab roller - basically crunches and leg raises are the way to go - leg raises with both your whole leg or just knees up to yuor chest.

You can also do the behind the neck with the rope crunches on the machine - i'm not sure what it is called but if you frequent the gym i'm sure you will have seen people doing then.

Don;t forget the golden rule to abs though - yo can have good abs but you need to have a truim body for them to show.  

27 Mar 2010 10:06
The exercise is seems to be very useful and working for abs. According to me the tips shared over here is the best to get nice abs and also we can stay healthy without any fatigue.  

20 Apr 2010 07:20
to have good looking abs you need to do a variety of abdominal exercises including core exercises such as planks. Check out some videos online to see how to do certain exercises. Remember form is the most important thing to focus on..then worry about difficulty.  

03 Jun 2010 23:02
Gia sou Kosta - I also find that doing crunchers on the medicine ball is pretty handy as well ! You feel a burn - well i do when i do them coz you can;gt use your back much with that.  

07 Jun 2010 05:49
Those exercises work well to build up your abs but won't help if they are hiding behind a beer belly. If you have a lot of fat around your waist, I would combine those exercises with some cardio like jogging.  

22 Nov 2010 18:34

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