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Or at least advice from anyone who knows more than I do...

I started the program from teh e-book "The truth about bulding muscle".
It really worked well innitially. I was doing weights 3 times a week for 45-60 minutes
with 5 minutes cardio warmup and 10 minutes weight warmup as well as a cool down with stretches. I was also resting adequatly, drinking 3 or more liters of water per day and eating more healthy foods than ever before. I was eating 7 times a day.

Innitially I picked up 2 Kg's of mostly muscle mass every week. This means in the first 4 weeks I went from weighing 82 kg to 92 kg. Im 1,89 meters tall bytheyway. After that I continued to train really hard, eat right, attempting to eat even more etc, but I lost 2 kg and couldnt pick up anything for the 4 weeks after that. I am still at 90kg now, yet I increased my reps and/or weight on every exercise every week. Maintaining the reps between 5 and 7 per set.

So how does this work? Is it possible to gain strenght without gaining muscle size? How do we avoid this?  

22 Mar 2010 10:10
ok peachy dragon. since i dont know your routine and im too lazy too look for the tech e book. so why dont u just tell me what it consists of, and tell me in pounds. not stone or kg. lol but really without seeing it i bet i know what the problem is. its probably a very sim,ple workout with basic exercises low sets and moderate reps. if thats the case then your muscles need to be strained and shocked in order to grow. therfore u should start a new routine one with more sets and reps and switch up the exercises and the order you preform them in. ya its possible to add strength and not size. look at u! lol jk jk but up your calories as well. the reason u probably grew quickly is because u werent eating like u were lifting and maybe ur body already wanted to grow but u didnt let it by not taking care of your diet. just my opinon hope u do well and put on some muscles!

24 Mar 2010 04:41

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