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hey guys just wanted some advice. ive been training hard for almost 2 years and im pretty impressed with myself, wen i started i weighed 160 and 6"2 now im 6"3 lol and i weigh 230. so ive gained alot of weight, almost all of it is muscle....... execpt i have noticed lately after i made the jump from 210 -230 that i am getting a little more belly fat than i would like. its nothing too bad.
so heres were i want the advice- ive put 6 inches on my arms since then making them almost 19. do u think i should keep bulking and ignore the belly until i get more muscle, or do u think i should cut down to 210-215 and try and make cleaner gains? any advice is welcome and appreciated. thanks mates! ( lol always wanted to sound like i was from the uk) lol:thumbs:  

22 Mar 2010 05:48

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