What is the best way to get a larger chest size?

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???. People tell me it can take a while, so what is the fastest way!!!  

21 Mar 2010 06:10
Go heavy.  

21 Mar 2010 21:35
what are you currently doing?

proper form is key as well. you need to feel that stretch in the chest when doing example bench press  

22 Mar 2010 01:06
yep yep. mind to muscle connection is the most important factor. if you can visualize yourself with a giant chest and you keep good form and consistency then i know you will develop a nice set of pecs.

my chest workout.
1 set of 20 with 135- bench. ( free and sometimes on smith rack when i want to do forced reps or negatives)
5 sets of bench working up to my max everytime and when im on smith rack i do one extra set with 40 extra pounds than my current max and control the negative and get help on the way up.
as soon as i finish bench i go to incline, when i dont do negatives i will try and keep my reps at 8-10 for 5 sets going as heavy as i can with a spot.
after i do 5 sets of dumbell flys. ( i never have the weight over my chest. always keeping them stretched as far as i can.)
to finish my chest routine i do 3-4 sets of dips usually doing about 8-10 but never completely straightening out my arms making sure to keep a constant stretch on my lower and outer pecs. Smile thats it. sometimes instead of dips ill do dumbell pullovers on a crossbench using heavy weight to stretch the rib cage and stretch the chest as well. hope it helps. train hard!  

22 Mar 2010 05:37
Heavy workouts to the chest would increase the size.  

22 Mar 2010 11:29
Lift heavier that would pump the chest.  

26 Mar 2010 11:58
proper workout helps a lot. . .  

02 Apr 2010 03:36
go for push ups and pull ups, the best exercises for your chest, shoulders and arms. and more importantly have good diet.  

06 Apr 2010 09:21
I had the same problem you are experiancing now with chest development. What worked for me might now work for you. I stuck to db's. I increased my number of sets to 3 to 4-5 sets. Also, I did one heavy chest work out a week and a mild light chest work out later in the week.. which only consisted of a few sets of flat, incline, and flys.  

10 Apr 2010 02:03
Pyramid up to sets of 4 (starting with 20 reps). Eat 1.5 grams of protein per lbs of body weight.  

18 Apr 2010 03:07

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