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I'm the army and in great shape. 155 lb. 5'8".

I got some sustanon 250. I want to keep this cycle very very simple and very easy. My cycle I am planning is looking something like this.

Weeks 1-10
1 amp (250 mg) sustanon 250

And then 3 weeks after my last shot do a cycle of nolva:

week 1: 40 mg nolva
week 2: 20
week 3: 20
week 4: 20

Some people say use clomid WITH nolva, but really since i am taking lose dose of sustanon. this should be ok right? what do you all think? i realize that there are people out there who are going to say this isn't going to do anything for me. there are people out there who also say this is a great beginner cycle. i just want to take it slow... plus sustanon is all i have access to.  

19 Mar 2010 13:06
and you will be disappointed..All you are really going to do is shut yourself down and not make much gains nor keep any of it..  

30 Mar 2010 20:42
155 pounds @ 5'8?
I am guessing you are young with a fast metabolism, or, you are older and active, but, not consuming enough callories in your diet.

What does your diet look like now?  

10 Apr 2010 02:07

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