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Hey all, have a question..

been lifting consistently for about 4 years went from 160 to 205 in that time span. been stuck at 200-205 lbs for about 6 months.. finally gave in to the temptation..

first cycle.. I've started Test Enanthate 1cc twice a week (2 weeks in). Is a 10 week cycle gonna be enough to show good gaines? Ive researched and it states anywhere from 10 to 14 week cycles.. seeing how this is my first and I do want to get to at least 215lbs will this dose suffice? Any tips or advice on anything else I should do in the mean time or any real advice at all will be appreciated. Thanks! :screwy:

Other supps:
Multi Vitamin
BSN True-Mass (not cause Im some UFC wanna be but because Ive been through cyto and a number of others Ive grown sick of)  

19 Mar 2010 06:27
why are you stopping at 10 weeks? What do you have for PCT?  

19 Mar 2010 17:50
I would like to know too!!  

31 Jul 2010 19:21
whats the dose for the test? if its 200mg if thats twice a week youre good. 10 - 14 weeks is a standard time on. i would more lean towards 12 weeeks youdont want something in and out of your system. having said that if its your first cycle you have to realize this game isnt a sprint, its a long distance run that will require yrs of dedication.  

31 Jul 2010 20:44

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