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can you still get abs even while bulking and drinking mass gainer?

I heard to get abs you gotta burn more cardio than you take in.. that seems almost impossible when on a mass gainer and I'd really like to get abs, but I also need to get bigger but not in the gut..

So whats the deal here? can i get big, bulk, use mass gainer, and still get abs or what? :banghead:  

19 Mar 2010 05:52
You need to develop your body in stages-

bulking and strength regiment
cutting (or body fat reduction) regiment

There is no quick fix to getting trim and big at the same time, even with steroids, you still gonna eat alot to fuel the muscle growth and that expands the belly

best results focus on cycles of exercises plus diet-
so many good routines and article about this online
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ahem Hi  

19 Mar 2010 15:38

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